Have you ever stumbled across a knitting pattern that your imagination can't let go of? From the instant I laid eyes on Robin Ulrich's Amethiste, I was compelled to cast on what I knew was going to be an unforgettable shawl. I just needed to find the perfect yarn to enhance the shawl's multi-faceted, jewel-like quality. Lustrous and changeable lilac-grey, 2 skeins of Lauraville studio sock from Neighborhood Fibre Co. proved the perfect companion. Easy to knit, with divine results, this truly was the perfect February project (after all, amethyst is the February birthstone). I even finished it up while snacking on the last of my Valentine's Day candy. Read more details of my project on Ravelry.

Can I just take a moment to mention how much I love my blocking wires?

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