Summer Colors

Is it really June already? I've been enjoying every bit of summer that I can, because I'll be starting graduate school and moving back to the east coast in July. School in July - ugh! In the midst of all the packing, I'm squeezing in a little coloring time to relax.

Coloring with crayons (Crayola, of course!) is one of my secret skills. I also collect coloring books - everything from Ancient Egypt and Pirates to Barbie and Disney Princesses. It's all about choosing the right colors and layering them! Mixing colors to get just the perfect look is my favorite part of quilt-making too.


  1. oh, i am so glad to see you back here !
    i like your colouring and the books, it looks like soothing and relaxing fun
    maybe i should give it a try.
    love susan

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry this space has been so empty lately. But I just got two rolls of film developed - so that means new photos and blog posts :)
    Coloring is so soothing - a combination of repetitive motion, pretty pictures, and lovely colors - I definitely recommend it!